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2019 0511 QP Multi-cultural Sikhi Basics Final v1.0F

  • Sikhi is a way of life – a disciplined mode of living aimed at constantly experiencing the presence and unity of the One (infinite Oneness), truthful righteous living in accordance with the laws of nature, recognising the equality of all mankind and a love for all of existence. Simply the vision of the Sikh Gurus is of : 1 humanity and 1 existence love for all things.
  • Ik = 1, everything is part of Onkar (infinite Oneness, universe).  There is no other, there is only Oneness.  Ik Onkar is the primary concept of Sikhi.



  • The journey for a Sikh and any human, is to elevate the consciousness to the supreme state in order to experience Oneness and manifest divine qualities through righteous daily thoughts & actions, with each and every breath.  The Sikh is a student that constantly overcomes the ego of self to live according to truthful universal laws of nature and undertakes selfless actions that contribute to society.  In this existence, each human must endeavour to make this unique journey to realise Oneness within self & also all existence and to realise their full potential.
  • The Guru is the enlightener – the Guru is the shabad or divine word or knowledge to transform the mind state from darkness (ego) to light (supreme state).  As the Guru states: “Water mingles with water and light merges in the light, discarding their separate existence“.
  • Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) – encapsulates the divine shabad or knowledge on realising Oneness and focuses on transforming the inner human mind.  Humans are born in a state of self ego where the mind is out of control subject to five negative qualities e.g. attachment, anger, pride,  greed and lust which lead to pain and suffering.   Transforming the mind into the supreme state – the human manifests divine qualities: Naam – experiential or practical understanding and implementation of righteous qualities such as truth, compassion, accountability and humility in daily existence and the elevated mind then experiences constant supreme bliss and peace.  The enlightened human lives according to the divine universal laws of existence.
  • The Gurdwara is an educational institution – meaning the door to the Guru’s divine knowledge, encapsulated in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Sikh Gurus – Sikhi originated ~500 years agos in the Punjab, in the north west of the Indian subcontinent.  Sri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib the first guru  (1469-1539), and the 9 subsequent Gurus explained and lived the message of Ik Onkar.  The 10th Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib sealed the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and conferred guruship to SGGS in 1708.   The divine knowledge in SGGS is the eternal Guru for Sikhs.  This knowledge is a gift to all of humanity.

Core Values

Sikhi Core Values

Sikh core values for daily living can be summarised as :  Naam japna, Wand kay Shako and Kirat Karni.

Sikh Gurus

Sikh Gurus

The ten Sikh Gurus were a unique, perfect manifestation and reflection of  Oneness.  All shared the single same divine message of Ik Onkar.  The gurus lived according to Sikh teachings and provided a perfect transformation example of how to live a righteous human life.  They elevated the consciousness of humanity to provide a path for all to realise the Oneness, aided the poor, fought injustice, repression and cruelty, and alleviated pain and suffering.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS)

Sri Guru Granth Sahib

SGGS is a gift to humanity and the eternal Guru for Sikhs – it aims to transform the inner mind state of a human to a divine supreme state.   Each person has a unique spiritual development state.  SGGS is a personal Guru for each individual, providing a definitive universal guide to ones own spiritual and righteous existence path.

Uniquely, the SGGS was written directly by six of the ten Sikh Gurus – it also contains the writings of 31 other saints from diverse backgrounds who also shared the same message and experiential connection with Oneness.    SGGS was finally sealed by the 10th Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji in 1708.


SGGS starts with a definition of Ik Onkaar in the Mool Manter or root verse.  This is then explained through major shabad or divine poetic hymns structured according to mind states e.g.  Jap Ji Sahib meaning understanding living based on the rational  laws of nature (laws of the Oneness), Anand Sahib meaning divine bliss.  SGGS has 5877 Shabad all set to musical raag measures.  These are recited and sung in Kirtan.

The Sikh Ardas a prayer for humanity.

Sikh Ardas

Sikh Rehat Maryada

Sikh Rehat Maryada

Rehat is a disciplined code of living.   The Sikh Rehat Maryada is defined by the Sikh Panth and is entrusted to the  Sri Akaal Tahkt the Sikh temporal body for making truthful decisions.

Gurpurab Dates based on Nanakshahi Calendar

The old Bikrami calendar used for setting date is inaccurate with an error of 1 day in about 71 years. The proposed Nanakshahi calendar reduces this error to one day in about 3,300 years, but in the case of Nanakshahi calendar this error will automatically be corrected, whenever the correction to the Common Era calendar is made. The new Nanakshahi calendar is simple, rational, more accurate, and conforms to Gurbani.  Sankrants will occur on the same dates in the CE year, every year. All Gurpurbs will also occur on the same dates every year, with one exception noted above. There will not be any need to consult outdated Jantri publishers to find out when a Gurpurb is to occur.

2019 0817 SikhGuru1

2019 0817 SikhGuru2

Nanakshahi Calendar

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