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This is the Guru Nanak Gurdwara Bedford (GNGB) website



GNGB Mission

  • GNGB is a Sikh educational charity
  • Starting five hundred years ago the Sikh Gurus taught universal truths and values based on the principles of humanity, morality, equality and justice.  To “view the human race as ONE and to love all existence”
  • GNGB serves Sikhs in Bedford, the people of Bedfordshire and surrounding communities according to Sikh universal values.
  • GNGB Events & Community Programmes have resulted in large donations to many local causes, charities and public bodies over many years e.g. Bedford Hospital.

Learning about Sikhi

The gurdwara is open to all people who are genuinely interested in learning about Sikhi.  Use the contacts page or just come along.

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Key Events

Regular programmes are held including Gurbani teachings, Kirtan, Health and Well-being.

Please see the events page for specific programmes.  These are publicised in GNGB Facebook and Instagram.   Details are also found in the gurdwara itself.

COVID19 – the gurdwara has reopened with a revised opening schedule and new rules for the sangat to follow in accordance with Government safety guidelines.  Please see the events page and also posters in the gurdwara with the latest schedule. 

Key News

The events page has the daily and monthly events at GNGB.

Sikh Weddings

GNGB is available for Sikh Wedding ceremonies.  Providing a beautiful, tranquil and open setting.  Kindly see Services page and also the short Youtube video on the link below:

GNG Bedford for Sikh Weddings

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